Challenge for the Crown

session 1

~The meeting with the qeurub
*we went to a broken old tower to pay the qeurub for our entrance to the competition
*Elya cringed at the price
*a dragon flys over the city and to the qeurub with a pile of gold
*the dragon pays to enter the competition after breathing fire at the price
*we all leave and bump into some rogue sorcerers on the way out

~Meeting with the head of hogwarts
*we walked to the wizard college
*Matt tried to get and immedaite meeting with the head master but couldn’t get one for and hour
*Dave found the head master’s office prtending to be a servant
*Elya managed to arrange an immediate meeting with the head master
*we tell him about the dragon and the rogue wizards but he is sceptical
*he opens the door and flys out the window to investigate more on the subject

~Meeting with the artherians
*on the way we see a group of orcs dressed in human finery carrying a large sum of gold walking toward the city
*Kyle messages ahead to say well be there and need a meeting
*we arrive and are immediately escorted to the head of the house during his dinner which he invites us to
*we tell him about the dragon and propose an alliance against the dragon
*we told him about the orcs and sorcerers but he thought it was too much and said hed look into it himself
*we go to a feast in his hall
*Matt hits on some girls
*Kyle, Dave and Cody kill 2 orcs



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