12 Challenges

The 12 Challenges

Every 25 years these challenges take place.

The opening ceremony is a huge feast. The king and members of the church go through the various opening rituals. Then after the feast there is a month before the first challenge and it is during that month that people are allowed to enter their groups for the

The First Challenge: The Feathers.

The Second Challenge: The Hunt. A week long hunt in the great Wylde Forest. Whomever returns with the most impressive beast wins.

The Third Challenge: The Holding. I am not sure of the details of this. But I think it would be a week or month long challenge. The premise is that a princess would be in the city. Whomever turns her in at the end of the month (alive and unharmed (I really like the unharmed part.. maybe)) wins.

The Fourth Challenge: The Sailing. The group has to find and sail a ship of at least X size and do some sort of tricky sailing. Going for the test Sakka did in Avatar kind of thing here.

The Fifth Challenge: The Combat. A month long tournament of one on one duels. There are probably some special rules people can abuse.

The Sixth Challenge The Race. A relay race and scavenger hunt. Each leg of the race gets you a clue that will help the next person in your party find the next clue. Speed is of the essence. My main concern with this is that is the only test that seems like a lot of work for me to create.. does my laziness make me a bad GM? Yes? oh..

The Seventh Challenge The Sport. A rugby type game. A series of matches.

The Eighth Challenge The Banners. Each group is given a banner with their house flag on in. The point is to score points by having flags at your base at sunup. The more banners you have the more points you score.

The Ninth Challenge The Tower. Each group is given a set amount of time and a small plot of land for which to build the highest tower they can.

The Tenth Challenge The Flower. Every 25 years a very rare flower blooms within a mountain. The first group to venture within and retrieve the flower is the winner. However this mountain is home to many creatures that do not take kindly to having their home intruded.

12 Challenges

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